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Освещение дорог

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Посоветуйте компанию которая может сделать освещение дорог.



Выгодней всего вам будет, если обратитесь на завод Легион https://legionural.ru/ Здесь производят много всевозможных опор освещения и цена будет без накруток посредников. И качество у них очень хорошее.



Мы сами все монтируем. Нашли опоры лэп от компании "BIG". Описаны все расценки на них, спектр использования, ассортимент имеют огромный, есть и промежуточные опоры. Консультируемся как все заказать. Менеджер нам посоветовал приобрести и промежуточные опоры, они нам тоже пригодятся.



Порекомендовала бы такие светильники для уличного освещения, как установили нам.
Нам их посоветовали электрики, которые и проводили все работы с электрификацией.
Закупку светильников делали в https://bironirus.ru/catalog/ulichnye-svetilniki/feron и вот где и советовала бы их покупать. Светильники очень хорошего качества и с дизайнерской стороны они тоже довольно необычайные.
Если заинтересовались, рассмотрите такой вариант.



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When I approached their house, I heard that Anton was going to go with us.
Meet, this is Borya, he also came for the holidays.
We greeted each other warmly, even hugged. Then they went up, it seems, to the fifth floor. Galya opened the door, entered the apartment and let me in. In the hallway we took off our outer clothes and took off our shoes. When Galya took off her hat, I noticed that she, since our first meeting, had dyed her black hair dark brown. She was wearing normal blue jeans and some kind of sweater.
We froze, I look at the conductor, then at Anya. And in a friend, Anya begins to laugh loudly. I am with her for company ... After that, the conductor says, are you rehearsing the reconciliation scene from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith? We continue to laugh, even more, and the conductor is with us. I pushed Anya against the wall, went downstairs myself, asked what the visit was about. She asked, will you have tea? And immediately answered, probably not. And I really can not hide a member from her gaze. I won't turn my back. And then Ani's cape falls on top of my penis. And Anya is like that, Sash, will you have tea? Yes, I don't mind, do you? I agree. Tea was brought to us, we did not finish it and continued what we had gathered here for. I had to get up at the front of the final, but I reached the end, with Anya, and have been married for 5 years. And I am writing a story next to Anya, who periodically gives me a blowjob under the table.
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